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Optimizing our health can be overwhelming.

With so many products and services claiming to help us improve our sleep, mood, fitness and energy, it can be challenging to determine what truly works for our individual needs. Traditional healthcare is stretched thin and access to a doctor who can give us individual attention is limited. Even when we do have a doctor, it's asking a lot for them to be up to date on the latest breakthroughs in science.

We are on a mission to change this.

Reputable is solving this by:

Forming a Community

Bringing together a world-class group of health optimization experts and enthusiasts

Incentivizing Data Sharing

Rewarding users to share and enable a global, self-learning truth engine for health & wellness.

Providing AI-Powered Insights

Building truth engine that can generate personalized insights and recommendations backed by real-world health data.

Our Vision

The Future of Health Optimization is Peer-to-Peer.

Reputable enables us to move beyond the quantified-self movement towards creating a community of shared knowledge and experience. By utilizing data from wearables, lab tests, genomics, and protocol results, we provide a comprehensive view of an individual's health.

Beyond the Quantified-Self

By aggregating anonymized health data points, health stacks and other experiment data, we create a fast learning health optimization recommendation model and a community where everyone can benefit from each other.

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You own the data you create.

At Reputable, we understand the importance of privacy when it comes to health data. Your personal information, data and insights are only stored in your device and are never shared without your permission. This fosters a more secure and trustworthy ecosystem that empowers users to take control while making informed decisions about their wellness.

Some of the companies already supporting us:

Our team

An experienced team that combines years of experience in healthcare, product development and technology.

Theban Ganesh
Technology & Product

Serial entrepreneur, Formerly Lead BBM at BlackBerry

Dr. Kyle Bergquist
Operations & Business Development

Formerly Northwest Pain Relief, Healing our Heroes Foundation

Dr. Amy Killen
Expert Ecosystem Development

Anti-aging Physician, International Keynote speaker and Author

Bruno Ahualli
Marketing & Strategy

Founder at Kilonova, Formerly CMO at Boson & Panther Protocol

Fernando Torres
Head of Engineering

Over the last 20 years, led tech in projects, such as Tezos Homebase, Fayre Labs, and Complex Labs

Mike Sinn
Software Engineer

Founder of CureDAO, years of experience in causal inference, big data aggregation and analysis.

Our community is being built by some of the most brilliant minds in longevity, performance and health optimization, including:

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Join Our Team

Together, we can enhance human performance, longevity and wellness a lot faster. If our mission is in line with yours, please reach out.


What is Reputable?

Reputable is an AI-powered platform that provides personalized health and wellness recommendations based on real, aggregated data from its ecosystem of users.

How does Reputable work?

Reputable connects data from wearables, lab tests, genomics, and protocol results to provide individuals with personalized recommendations. The AI engine processes data from everyone in the ecosystem to create these recommendations.

How is the data collected by Reputable used?

Anonymized data is made available to companies who can purchase it. The income from these sales is distributed to participants in the ecosystem based on their individual contributions.

Is my personal data safe with Reputable?

Yes, all personal data is strictly protected and kept confidential. Reputable has robust security measures in place to ensure the safety of its users' data.

How are the recommendations generated by Reputable different from other health and wellness apps?

Reputable uses real, aggregated data from its ecosystem of users to create personalized recommendations. This is in contrast to other apps that may rely on paid content or a pay-to-play model.

Can I use Reputable for all of my health and wellness needs?

Reputable is a tool designed to provide individuals with recommendations and insights. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be used as such.

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